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Anker 1
Anker 1 some works


A temporary and limited selection of work, more information and images on request.

Vedran Kopljar - Innerspace Painting : ISP (well, somebody's happy) - 2018

ISP (well, somebody's happy), 2018

Oil on wood and canvas

300 x 228 cm

Photo by Trampoline

Pas Gemolken Melk - Vedran Kopljar.jpg

DP niveau B II (Pas Gemolken Melk), 2014

Oil on canvas, wood, rope
98 x 124 cm

casa inderheid Ode de Kort.jpg

Residentie Casa MINDERHEID 3, 2018

Acrylic paint, sand, wood, carpet, HD foam, Latex, LED

260(h) x 265 x 360 cm

Photo by Ode de Kort (outside)

Photo by Mark Rietveld (inside)

Opening Vedran Kopljar + Evelin Brosi_23
A4-Amigos, 2016 Digital print on paper 3

A4-Amigos, 2016

Digital print on paper
Installation view 

Photo by Welmer Keesmaat

Scan 16.jpeg


10/04/2017 #16

pen on paper

ria pacque 8.JPG

Performance 'Adult Thumbsucker’s Digest'




Innersound track produced by Jan Gordts 

Photo by Ria Pacquée

Trials & Tribulations Breughel Brood 201

Trials & Tribulations: Breughel Brood, 2014

Bread, Steel, LED, Cable

Photos by Jo Vandermarliere

Trials & Tribulations Breughel Brood 201
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un-updated since 2020


Anker 3 About
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Vedran Kopljar

*1991 Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.


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